One of the principal goals of the 2nd International Conference on Technology Innovative Educational and Multidisciplinary skills in the 21st century research” (ICTEMR_2022), is to drive novel developments in phases of resolving conventional hurdles encountered in daily science, engineering activities, and technologies. Technology is advancing at an extremely accelerated speed, which currently is pressing massively on our current premium of supplies and provoking grave destruction to the ecosystem. The damage of this large-scale and mass augmentation in all modes of everyday living is being compensated for in the design of weather modification.

Topics of Interest :


  • Educational Administration
  • Creative Technologies in Education
  • Technology Management in Education
  • Teaching and Instruction
  • Curriculum Design
  • Pedagogy
  • E-Learning
  • Social Media in Education
  • Education Psychology and Guidance
  • Social Studies
  • Professional Learning Community
  • Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education
  • Engineering in Education

Integration of Science and technology

  • Design Engineering
  • Architecture and design
  • Food handling Information and communication
    systems, energy and environment in buildings
  • Electrical engineering electronics And computer
  • Mechanical Engineering and Automation
  • Industrial engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Computer and Information
  • Science and technology
  • Energy and environment


  • Buddhist Studies
  • Buddhist Psychology
  • Buddhist Management
  • Linguistics
  • English Studies
  • Meditation Innovation
  • Public Administration
  • Social Sciences
  • Social Development
  • Economics
  • Peace Studies
  • Humanities
  • Political Sciences
  • Business administration