About Chonburi City and its surroundings

Bangsaen Beach

Bangsaen Beach is Thailand's long-standing famous beach, perfect for short-time travelers looking to relax at the sea on a day trip or Suitable for family picnics and sea bathing Bang Saen Beach, or the sandy beach, is a 2.5 kilometers long beach. Outside, there is a beach road along the way. At Bangsaen Beach, there is a canvas bed. With heaps to sell Visitors can sit and enjoy the sea view with delicious food along the beach.In the Bangsaen Beach is bustling with tourists, especially during the long holidays, it is full of waves of people flocking to come because it is a popular sea that Closest to Bangkok There are many water activities at Bang Saen Beach. But that still remains a classic, but still remains to be seen in the long ring rental service made of truck tires, and also a banana boat water bike scooter for rent.

Khao Sam Muk View Point

Khao Sam Muk Viewpoint, another landmark of the current Bangsaen visit, has created a new landmark as a wide terrace. There is a seat to relax and take a walk, a viewpoint overlooking the sea, Cape Taen and Ang Sila Sea in a wide distance the viewpoint area is organized into a walking path parallel to the sea. Along the way, there is a balcony to see the view. Including a living nook in a circular shape for relaxing and enjoying the sea breeze what is outstanding is the tunnel with white letters written in English as Bangsaen Khao Sam Muk. To stand, take pictures, pose in the viewpoint area, there are many residents of the little monkeys. In harmony with many tourists

Wat Saen Suk

Wat Saensuk is located not far from Bang Saen Beach, there are interesting things which are Maha Chedi, Ket Kaew, Chulamanee, Asansuk Maha Viharn or Maha Chedi, Wat Saensuk, a recently built landmark Sai Bun. Are magnificent In addition, in the area of the temple that is located just before the entrance to Maha Chedi, there are stucco sculptures in the Phuttha Muang Sawan Garden. Hell as a reminder to abstain from evil

Naja Shrine

Naja Shrine or Naja Taisha Shrine, located in Ang Sila, Chonburi Province, is a place that many people would know well. Ang Sila market near Bang Saen beach. NaJa Ang Sila Shrine was originally a small shrine with respect to the faith of worshipers. It is believed that the fortune of commerce has led to the development of this shrine until now. It is a large Chinese shrine, spectacularly beautiful, built with a Chinese art style with various gods and pangs. Many to worship for the prosperity Most of the people who come to pay homage often asking about work to be successful

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach is a famous tourist destination in Thailand, comprising North Pattaya Beach, Central Pattaya and South Pattaya, approximately 3 kilometers long, with shady beach roads.